Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back in the lower 48!

Hey guys. It's 3:28 am and I'm up with the baby for the second time and once already with Fisher. Ouch!  Sorry bout the shortage of contact. We just spent the last 6 days going through Canada and being on a Ferry with very limited and expensive coverage . It feels so good to be back in the US and not to mention the lower 48. I feel a little out of touch and odd though, especially here in Seattle. Loving the food, fresh produce, and  The Ocean. Saw some guy shooting up what I believe was heroin on our way to Pikes Market. He couldn't have cared less that we were walking by.  There is absolutely no shortage of diversity here. Bill had his shoes shined on the street to help some guy out. Fisher is having a ball!  He wants to walk, walk, walk. All of the sudden he no longer wants to hold my hand. :( He's taken to clenching his fists. The space needle has a great view but still doesn't beat the view downtown I mentioned earlier. We are meeting Kristyne tomorrow. She and her family drove up from Oregon to see us. Looks like we'll be taking the kids to the Zoo. I can't wait!  

As far as the trailer, that's a big muddy bummer. :(. I was looking forward to having that safe haven at Mums, but we are lucky to have Amber and her cozy home to stay in. 

We're getting so excited to see everyone. But I've gotta say, I'm starting to miss Gail more everyday and the closer we get to Utah the more it hurts. It's becoming very clear that I will never see her smiling face again. Sucks. 

Well, looks like Smiley Forest is sleeping soundly again with his full belly. Better catch some zzzzzz's. Wow, chase them is more like it. 

Love yous.